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Embodied visionary

We are artists, business leaders, mobilizers, healers and change agents. We are men and women, of all ages and backgrounds who dare to question social, religious and cultural norms and create new ones that are more aligned with what’s true to ourselves. Our life tends to evolve like a spiral. Curious and open-hearted, we are life-time learners and teachers. We affect change by daring to be ourselves and engage in creative actions. We stand out by how we forge our path in unique ways. We serve our communities through our magnetic presence, sense of possibility and personal responsibility. Sometimes you may notice us by the vitality, wildness, sensuality and love for life that we exude. We seek to navigate through life with mastery, humility, an opened heart and self-awareness. We stand for something greater then themselves which guides us in our daily actions. We believe in the power of community, collaboration and healthy competition. We look at life as art and take a stand for what we care about. We feel the sense of urgency to serve humanity and be steward of the earth. We get that if we walk to fast, we’ll walk alone. And because we want to go far, we’re choosing to walk together. We aspire to embody the kind of human being that we want to see.