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Dancing without Borders Team

Quebecois native based in northern California, I produce and direct public interactive dance for social change. I am a devotee to the power of collective healing, celebration and embodied human spirit. Through dance and rituals I invite everyone to rise, to love and to be who you are and express yourself freely through your body. I have a background in life coaching, yoga, ecstatic dance, world- class sailing, transformational leadership and spiritual activism. I am a certified professional coach and passionate about integrating my experience in personal development with rituals, world music, weaving community and the elemental wave journey of Dancing Freedom.   ~ magalie

About Magalie, Founder, Facilitator and Producer

Samantha Sweetwater, leader and choreographer

I'm a spiritual leader who uses dance as a primary vehicle through which to create soul level transformation, inspiration, liberation and celebration in the world. I am totally passionate about regenerative culture - how humanity can create a just, thriving and sustainable culture of and for life.  In addition to founding and directing Dancing Freedom and training over 60 new Dancing Freedom Facilitators, I am a Soul Guide, assisting individuals through significant life transitions - transitions in relationship, work and worldview that occur as a natural outcome of spiritual awakening.  I am currently developing a body of work called We Are Evolution which is designed to give people the overarching (Integral) perspective needed to surf change and cultivate visionary action with a toolbox for continuous soul-level empowerment and awakened leadership.  I am also a regular blogger:  More about Dancing Freedom at

Ben Flanigan is an award-winning Film Director and Editor.  He co-directed Are You St ill There?, a short narrative film that won the "Best Overall Film" award at the San Francisco 24-Hour Film Race 2011.  In the feature-length documentary world, Ben edited a TV version of Better This World, winner of the "Best Documentary Feature" award at the San Francisco International Film Festival 2011, which broadcast on POV.   Other documentaries that he edited have screened or won awards at the Aspen International Shortsfest, the Wild and Scenic Film Festival and the COP-14 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland.  Ben has dedicated his career to making empowering, high-quality films and videos that reach a broad audience and inspire profound changes in human consciousness.

Ben Flanigan, Film maker