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we believe

our commitment

Activate, Empower and Support the growth of impassioned and embodied change-makers who are committed to transform the world through their authentic presence and powerful voice, the inspiring projects they launch and grow, the community they mobilize and the thousands of lives they touch; reminding us what is possible when we combine heart, purpose and unstoppable commitment.

Creating a New Dream together
Embodied Visionary is joining thousands others who are redefining the way we lead, live in service to the birthing a regenerative culture – inviting a new positive dream to take shape – one that is anchored in the global heart of who we are – that unites us all as one global family.

System Thinking and Collaboration
Embodied Visionary is committed to support collaborative efforts across sectors focused on creating a new mythos for humanity, heal the divides, address root issues, identify leverage points, and support the design and emergence of new social architectures that are sustainable and inspired by the resilience reflected in nature. Embodied Visionary’s involvement with the Global Synergizer and Transition Town movement supports that commitment.

who we are

In the extraordinary power of people to create remarkable change through creative ideas, lots of energy, some guidance and hard play - even in a short amount of time!   

We believe in the power of love rather then the love for power.  

We believe in the power of cultural, financial and social diversity - and the amazing fruits that we can bear as we roll our sleeves and play hard together.

We believe in the gift that emerges from inter-generational gatherings and conversations.

We believe in the power of rituals, rite of passage, ceremonies, indigenous wisdom as a mean to honor the sacredness of life.

We believe in the value in transforming ourselves as a means to transform the planet.

We believe in the importance to reclaim the value of sisterhood and brotherhood.

We believe that art, authenticity, collaboration and community are core component to recreate the dream we want to see.

We believe that one of the most powerful ways to unleash our creative genius, gifts and leadership is by doing it - in a supportive environment where you’re invited to fail forward, stretch yourself, and experience places and perspective you never dare.

We believe that everyone who wants to be a change-agents and leader in the Green Movement deserves to take part of this program - we are committed to make this program accessible.

Photo by Joerg Lehmann